Two weeks ago we were informed of a major accounting error at Wycliffe Associates that forced 1/3 of our finances to be withdrawn from our ministry account. These finances are what cover our monthly paychecks, taxes, insurance costs, etc.  

This unexpected financial strain affects us and 19 other Supported Staff members within WA.  Each of us was charged for only half the cost of our health insurance from October through June. Thankfully, we have ministry account funds still available. While WA explores how this error occurred, we understand that it is our responsibility to have sufficient support to cover the full cost of our health insurance.

We are grateful to have health insurance and have used it with tremendous gratitude as Becky has faced some major health concerns this past winter and spring. Diagnosed with Neutropenia which is an abnormally low level of neutrophils, a white blood cell that helps fight off bacterial infections, Becky is highly susceptible to infection and will need regular monitoring. As she continues to face health concerns that affect her immune system we will continue to be grateful for the ability to have a good health insurance coverage to cover her frequent blood tests and doctor visits.

How can you help? We have three specific needs:


Please pray that God will raise up people to help continue to provide for our financial and physical needs.

Please pray for the other families at WA whose ministry accounts were also affected negatively.

Please pray for Becky to remain infection free. Pray for our family as we face changes in the ways we live and interact with those around us to help keep our home healthy. Pray that in our vigilance, we will not forget that God remains in control of our situation.


One time gifts: We are praying for $4,918 to replace the finances that were pulled to cover the insurance costs. If you can help give a one-time gift to aid in replacing these funds it will remove the immediate financial strain on our family.

Monthly gifts:  We are under supported $500 each month. If every current financial partner increases their monthly giving by $20 per month this need will be met immediately. However, not all of our partners are able to give more. We understand. We appreciate everything that you do right now with your prayers, encouragement, and financial sacrifices to give to this ministry. Thank you!

We need new financial partners who are willing to commit to one year of partnering with us. If you have not partnered with us financially and are willing to pledge a gift of $20, $50, $100 or more per month for the next year this would go a long way to helping us meet our financial obligations. All gifts made to WA are tax deductible.

Over the past ten years the work we have done has affected tens of thousands of people bringing them scripture for the first time in their mother tongue. Many more are closer to having the Bible or portions of the Bible in their own language. You are a part of this journey with us! Will you pray right now about making a financial commitment to support this ministry?

Serving Jesus together,

Mark and Becky Hancock

I Want To Help!

Mark is gifted and talented in finding technical solutions to problems. He has years of experience both as a technician and network administrator so his experience in and of itself offers solutions. Should the correct answer or solution not be readily available, Mark diligently searches for the most appropriate response. What sets Mark above the rest though, is his superior customer service skills and his love to assist those he is serving. He is forever the teacher and always affirms the user. I highly recommend Mark and do so without any reservation whatsoever.

Ken Haugh

TechAdvance BTAK Coordinator, Wycliffe Associates

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