Sometimes it seems like the day to day…you just don’t see any sight of light.  This is a great story that brings that day to day into a finished product.  We are all a part of this story.  This is the story of the Lopit language project in South Sudan and how they started to work on their own New Testament in their own language using the MAST process.  They got r’ done.  I have been in the background helping provide tablets, laptops, and personnel to assist with their technology needs.  Even though you were not in South Sudan….you have been partners with us as we have served with Wycliffe Associates.  Thank you!

“We are so thankful that this has answered our prayers. We know traditionally that the translation [process] takes 20-30 years for a New Testament. We did not expect this quick completion. But we are so grateful for the support given by Wycliffe Associates. I know our people will hear God speak in our language better than English.” – John Kerim

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