Recently we informed you of an accounting error at Wycliffe Associates that forced 1/3 of our finances to be withdrawn from our ministry account to cover insurance needs. We asked for your help in prayer support and financial gifts.

Thank you so much for your generous response! With special gifts from several of you, our ministry account has recuperated 87% of the amount that was removed to cover insurance needs. In addition, we have seen our monthly giving increase. We are still praying for an additional $225 per month to help meet out monthly financial goals and one – time gifts totaling $638 to cover the full insurance cost. THANK YOU! God is faithful.

We can not repeat enough that you are a part of this journey with us! Together we serve in Bible translation. Over the past ten years the work we have done together has affected tens of thou-sands of people bringing them scripture for the first time in their mother tongue. Many more are closer to having the Bible or portions of the Bible in their own language. This is a team effort.


Another answered prayer has been regarding Mark and his position with WA. He has had many changes in his work over this past year. With our move to New York, some of his tasks by necessity have been left in Orlando. If you recall he was Interim Director for the Technical Advance team for a short period before someone in Orlando was hired to take on that role.

Just this week, Mark received his new title and job description: Computer Software Manager. The Computer Software Manager is both a programmer and a manager. Mark will oversee planning and implementation of software for MAST projects. He will be involved in selecting software programmers to plan, write and troubleshoot code for furthering Bible translation needs as well as work with WA staff to ascertain software needs with an ongoing follow up to make sure the software is functioning as intended.

Serving Jesus together,
Mark and Becky

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